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Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Votomy Portable: Waterproof Speaker Built-in Mic with Loud Stereo Sound and Bass - 24H Playtime | 360° HD Surround Sound - Outdoor Speaker with LED Light for Home

( 3 Reviews )

"24H Playtime

Colorful LED Light

IPX7 Waterproof

360° HD Surround Sound

Bluetooth 5.0"



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  • Product name:

    Votomy VT350

  • Charging time:


  • Maximum execution time:


  • Bluetooth version:


  • Loading method:


  • Item size:

    7.4 x 8.5 x 16.0 cm

  • Item weight:




How do you pair two speakers?

You have to disconnect them from any phones first, then you press and hold Bluetooth button on speaker 1 till you hear


Is it really waterproof?

Absolutely, the resistance protection rating of the speaker is IP7, means IPX7 waterproof.


How long does the battery last from full charge to shutdown if you play music continuously?

It can last 12 hours at 50% volume, it's pretty loud at the level already.


How far is the connection range?

With the latest bluetooth 5.0 tech which is better than those in most products in the market, the valid range of the bluetooth connection can be up to 30 meters in the open, and usually 10 meters in the house due to some block of the house structure.


VT350 2022.1.14 .pdf


( 3 Reviews )

Amazing speaker

LOTHAR 03-10-2022


I have had quite a few portable bluetooth speakers and this goes down as one of my favourites. It is very compact yet produces a powerful and high quality sound which it projects at 360 degrees, making it perfect for parties and outdoor events (and the LED lights add a little extra flair...). Better still it's waterproof so if the weather turns you don't have to worry about it getting destroyed! Add to that an exceptionally long battery life (nothing worse than a speaker that dies in the middle of a gathering), and you have got yourself one top notch little speaker!

Really good sound quality

Sadaf 03-06-2022


"This bluetooth speaker connected to my phone very easily. The sound quality of the speaker is fantastic and is very clear. There is no background noise and the music sounds very clear. The speaker itself is not too big so you can take it with you if you are travelling anywhere and it can be moved easily from one place to another. The speaker has really nice colourful lights on it which look really cool with the music playing. The speaker's charge lasts for hours and is very easy to recharge. For the price it is of fantastic value!"

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