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Fingerprint Door Lock Keyless Entry with 250 Codes and Fobs, Digital Keypad Smart Lock for Front Door, Electronic Deadbolt with Touchscreen

( 4 Reviews )

3D Fingerprint Unlocking: The smart door lock recognises fingerprints in 0.3 seconds with 99.99% biometric rate, and slides to unlock in 1 second, faster than finding a key. The fingerprint door lock offers more storage than others, with up to 100 fingerprints for easy sharing with family, friends and guests, and no more keys.

5-in-1 Unlock: Fingerprints, IC Fobs, Codes, Physical Keys, NFC Smart Devices. The huge storage capacity of 100 fingerprints, 250 codes and 1000 fobs makes the keyless entry door lock an excellent solution for landlord rental management, owner-occupiers and offices.

More Convenient & Smarter: Automatically locks behind you when you close the door, or you can lock the door with one touch of the keypad. Moreover low voltage alarm, emergency power supply, voice alert, silent mode and backlight keypad bring more convenience to your life.

Front Door Security Deadbolt: Anti-peek codes, password error protection can effectively prevent your codes from being stolen . The keypad deadbolt stores your data locally, providing greater security and privacy than storing it in the cloud. IP54 Weatherproof and long-term durable, smart deadbolts can withstand wind, snow, cold and heat.

No Extra Hole Installation: Deadbolt smart locks compatible with American Standard left-hand doors and right-hand doors. Easy to install and program in minutes with just a screwdriver, using our instructions and videos. Built-in voice navigation, easy to set up for everyone.

Reliable Warranty: We promise to provide every customer with a 30-day hassle-free refund, a 12-month product warranty and lifetime customer support. Any questions, please feel free to contact us.

EAN: 0647389964761



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  • Product name

    Votomy ED007 Smart Lock

  • Working temperature


  • The lock mode

    Fingerprint/password /IC card/Physical key

  • The keyboard type

    Capacitive touch keyboard

  • Password number

    250 groups

  • Fingerprint type

    Capacitive semiconductor sensor

  • Fingerprint capacity


  • IC card number


  • Card read distance




How to keep the door unlocked for free access?

You can turn off the automatic locking function and then you can lock and unlock the door manually.


How to program the lock after installation?

After installation, you need to set up a new administration code (the initial administrator password is 123456) before you can start programming. The instructions on how to operate the programming code, FOB card, fingerprint and other functions are very detailed.


Is the fob included with the purchase and if so, how Many?

Includes two FOB cards.


How do I lock it?

Outside the door, you can lock it by pressing and holding


Is the keyboard visible in the dark?

The keypad will light up.



( 4 Reviews )

Great product

Rise 05-12-2023


I have very little experience in installing things, but I had this lock on my door in less than 20 minutes. It looks great, the operating instructions are very clear and so far the product has worked well for us. I love that my daughter can get out of the car and into the house on her own without sharing the code. Recommended

Very convenient!

Mark 05-01-2023


Not having to use a key, plus the fact that the fingerprint reader allows almost instant access, makes it even more convenient. As someone who likes to go out for a run, I prefer not to carry anything with me. It's a simple, clean lock that doesn't connect to Wi-Fi or Alexa, so it's relatively safe from a hacking point of view.

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