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True Wireless Stereo HiFi Earbuds, VOTOMY TWS Earphones Qualcomm Bluetooth 5.0 Noise Isolation Mic in Ear Headphone 2500mAh Power Bank LED Display IPX7 Waterproof 150H Playtime Touch Control for Gym

( 15 Reviews )

Qualcomm Wireless & Audio Technology

Enhanced Bass Effect & Superb Sound Quality

7 Hours Single Use +150 Hours Battery

Ergonomics Design & IPX7 Waterproof

Auto Pairing & Touch Control

2500mAh Power Bank & LED Display

AutoPairing & Intelligent Touch Control

IPX7 Waterproof & CVC8.0 Noise Canceling

Ergonomic Design

$ 49.99


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    Qualcomm Bluetooth 5.0 Technology

    Built-in Qualcomm Bluetooth 5.0 chip, providing powerful high-speed transmission efficiency, bringing more stable signal, solve out the connection issues of conventional bluetooth earphones by minimizing sound skipping and interruption. Get the best enjoyable Hifi-liked quality through deep bass and crisp high-pitched sound provided by the 10mm big driver unit.

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    Auto Charging & Led Display

    Auto Charging & Led Display 7 hours playtime on a single charge, totally 150 hours available. The 2500mAh ultra-high-capacity charging case can accompany with you to travel around the world. With magnetic disign the case won't be opened by itself and the earphones will stick on the charging slot even upside down. 1 hour for earphone full charging and 3 hours for the case.

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    IPX7 Water Resistant

    Bluetooth earbuds adopts IPX7 Waterproof technology, provide favourable waterproof effect which can easily resist spraying sweat and raining or washing water. It's absolutely ideal for gym training and outdoor sports, you don't need to worry whether the weather will be.

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    Comfortable & Snug In-Ear Feeling

    Extremely lightweight, comfortable and secure in-ear earphones, made of soft material and using the leading ergonomic "ear fit" design to protect ears. Comes with 3 sizes of silicone caps (S,M,L) design for various ear size to ensure comfortable wearing, not easy to fall off from ears, ensure you to exercise smoothly even for running.

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    Powerful and Wide Compatibility

    The Chip of Votomy earphones provides wide range solutions for compatible with iOS 7+ and Android 4.0+ including any models or brands like Apple iPhone or Samsung, smart watches, Apple Watch, tablets, laptops and computers. Nearly all backward Bluetooth devices can be compatible with because it also supports older Bluetooth versions.

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    Portable Pocket Power Bank

    Battery Case can also be used as an alternative power bank(5V/2A output) for your smart phones or other devices such as tablets or ipad. Keeps you free from the anxiety even if you're far away from home, you probably don't need a extra big heavy power bank in your pocket or bag anymore.

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  • Wireless Version

    Bluetooth 5.0

  • Support Agreement


  • Transmission Distance

    up to 20 meters(in the open)

  • Battery Capacity


  • Single Charge Playtime

    7 hours

  • Single Charging Tim

    about 1 hour

  • Weight


  • Charging Time

    3 hours

  • Battery Capacity

    25 ~ 30 time2500mAh

  • Charging for earphone

    20-30 times

  • Output


  • Charging box Weight


  • Package Included

    Wireless Earphones x 1 pair Eartips x 3 pairs(S,M,L) Magnetic Charging Case x 1 USB Charging Cable x 1 Leather Case Bag x 1 User Manual x 1



Both my ear buds are stuck on solid blue lights-I can not pair with my phone?version of the Bluetooth headphones?

It is important to have both earbuds in the charging case when doing the reset and both have to be done at the same time. If they stay in blue and you can't reset it as it happened to me, just leave it outside the case until the battery runs out and the light disappears. Put them back in the charging case for a couple of minutes so they charge. Remove both and then put both back in the case, they should have either blue or red lights blinking. Do a reset for both at the same time pressing both MFBs (top part of the lights) for 5 seconds and they will work just fine again


I want to change to something more comfortable foam . Can someone tell me what size I should choose?

Regarding the problem of earbuds foam, we have feedback to the factory. It is recommended that you can choose to buy a 10mm inner diameter to install and replace .


What should I do if the connection fails after the earphones resets?

Open the phone's Bluetooth directory, delete the Bluetooth name that was paired before, and then reconnect.


Is the microphone in one earbud or both?Can it be used to answer calls?

Hello, VOTOMY V22 Bluetooth headsets have built-in microphones on both sides to support voice calls.


What should I do if the headset cannot be charged and cannot be connected?

1: The headset is magnetically charged. You need to contact it to charge it. You put two headsets in the charging compartment, and the headset lights up in red. 2: The headset appears to be


VOTOMY V22 User Manual.pdf


( 15 Reviews )

Incredible value

William Kasimer 03-28-2020


I'm always looking for new and interesting earbuds, and after watching a YouTube review by Gamesky, I bought a pair. And he's right. The case is large, but also holds a lot of charge. I've used them 3-4 times for a couple of hours, and the case still shows 94%. Today I wore them for about 90 minutes while walking and when I checked them before putting them in the case, they were still at 82%. The sound is certainly good, better than one might expect for $40, and they are LOUD. I found myself listening at less than 50%, and they were plenty loud even at that level. That certainly helps with battery life. Great feature set and very reliable controls. I find a lot of touch control earbuds erratic, but these are consistent, and the touch surface is large and easy to find. The volume control works particularly well and is continuous, rather than in steps, a nice touch. The only downside - no wireless charging. But with a 2500 mAh case, who really needs wireless charging? I'll plug it in every month or two.

Holy bananas this thing is dangerously loud!!! (In a good way)

Amel Medina 03-18-2020


I bought these after I saw a review on them on YouTube and I am truly impressed with the sound quality on these. Even at high volume it doesn't get distorted at all, these have a nice punchy bass I might not be bass heavy but is nice enough, remember that you have to deal them properly in your ears to get the most bass. Battery life is really good I got these like 4 days ago and I still have more this 80% life left in the charging case which that is a huge plus to me but the case is a little bit on the bulky side but is not that big. The only complain I have with them is that even though it has Bluetooth 5.0 the connection sometimes drops for like less than a sec, but is not bad enough for me to worry about it, my Sony's WH-1000XM3 also does the same thing once in a while. BUT for $50 I am extremely happy with them!!!! I highly recommend them!!!

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